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ENSource App: The center-piece of a deep digital on-boarding experience

Use BigTech & ConsumerTech for selling better

Generating high quality pre-qualified leads lightening fast

Quick & smart application capture & processing

Ensource app

Quick & smart application capture & processing

If your sales teams are still using paper applications, it’s high time to change that.


With ENSource app not only can you fill applications digitally, you can also do instant e-KYC, credit worthiness checks & product fitment pre-qualification right at a customer’s doorstep. You can capture collaterals using cam scanner inside the app and submit them digitally with the application. OTP based authentication comes in-built.


Moreover for a travelling sales executive the app has productivity tools like lead prioritization, route planning, geo-location capture, queue management, task tracking, appointment tracking, incentives calculation and notifications.

Use BigTech and ConsumerTech for selling better

ENSource app comes with voice assistant that can understand 80 different languages. Get the repetitive work done by simply commanding the app. Powered by machine learning algorithms, the assistant keeps learning new commands and becomes more efficient over time.


With ENSource app make use of latest innovations in smart phone technology and iOS and Android frameworks for filtering and processing applications faster and better.


Use popular social channels embedded in ENSource app for communicating with customers. You get faster closures. And better enterprise tracking of all customer communication.

Generating high quality pre-qaulified leads lightening fast

ENSource app acts a center piece of your omni-channel digital on-boarding strategy. You can effortlessly assign the leads coming from digital channels to your sales team on their ENSource app. The sales team can quickly complete the applications and with a press of a button forward them for approval.

A typical challenge faced by sales teams is rejection of applications by the credit teams. ENSource solves this problem for once and for all by providing an early qualification feature. The ENSource app integrates with Citizen ID databases. Which means you can do e-KYC in less than a minute. The app can talk to credit bureau systems so that you detect credit worthiness of the applicants right at their doorstep. It can fetch documents from e-lockers & link up with e-signature services too. Your tiring work on filling and filtering good applications is reduced to less than half. And as for the credit team, they will be in awe with the quality of applications that you originate.

Become the king of omni-channel digital lead & application capture

Become digitally ubiquitous with Chatbots, Google Home & more ...

Selling loan, credit card, insurance or telecom products? With ENSource be present where ever your customers are in the language of their choice. Deploy ENSource conversational banking solutions at branches. Launch ENSource chatbots for actioning leads from social channels. Even capture leads from Google Home & Amazon Alexa using ENSource loan search & skills.

Deploy ENSource apps at kiosks, branches and malls for fast e-KYC. You want to be present in various e-commerce websites to sell your consumer loan products? Do it smartly with ENSource e-commerce plugin. Be ubiquitous & efficient.

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Backend automation for all digital channels & omni-channel processing

While you can't do without digital channels, a broken digital process not only delivers bad customer experience, it is an operational nightmare too. When selling finance and telecom products , ENSource is the missing connector that will help you deploy newage digital channels with background process automation worked out.

Automate the flow of leads and applications between channels so that you don't have to ask your customers the same question twice, ever again. Transition customers from marketing to sales smoothly. And throughout the process maintain digital communication with them.

No need to worry about clogging the credit process with bad applicants. Automated e-kyc, pre-qualification and straight-through-processing execution from ENSource will make sure you are only bringing in qualified applications for underwriting. Now that makes new digital channels really powerful.

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Become market ready in no time - dynamic form builder, in built OTP mechanism & more..

Are you a product manager? Use ENSource dynamic form builder to configure new product forms and distribute them to different channels within a few minutes. 300+ pre-configured form fields and validations are available out of the box for publishing finance & telecom products on the ENSource app. You can build many more on your own using a simple user interface.

Native integrations with credit bureau services, Google maps & different citizen-id systems let you power-up your sales tools in no time. And with the in-built OTP authentication service, you are omni-channel ready on day one.

Your marketing teams can easily deploy ENSource lead capture forms, chatbots and e-commerce site plugins with an omni-channel lead management workflow built-in.


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High speed straight-through-processing

Create offers your customers can't deny


Are you thinking of offering differentiated services like these?


- A 15-min vehicle-loan approval in dealerships.

- An on-the-spot pre-qualification for new credit card buyers.

- A credit approval system which uses AI based scoring to filter out bad borrowers for your agriculture loan products.

All of this and more can be easily built using ENSource straight through processing.

Fast track good borrowers and filter out bad ones automatically by plugging in your favorite rules engine, credit score engine, AI-based scoring service, internal app score service, de-dupe database & income analysis service to ENSource workflow. ENSource comes with pre-designed workflows for home loans, consumer loans, SME loans, auto loans and credit card sales. 

After running the loan applications through the integrated systems, ENSource compiles the scores and prepares loan documents. You can build logic for automatic approval of loans. Or you can route them for loan officers's approval & underwriting. The screens for loan officer and underwriter are intuitive, making their work fast and easy. 

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An advanced digital e-KYC system

ID verification

Use ENSource’s native integrations with citizen id databases, to do an on-the-spot identity verification for a customer in less than a minute. OTP authentication mechanism which is a crucial requirement for such an implementation is in-built in ENSource.

Address & document verification

ENSource geo-tags the addresses & photographs that you enter in the sourcing app. This simplifies address verification process and removes any chances of frauds.

ENSource brings OCR, image processing and document verification technologies together so that you can validate IDs, documents & photographs on-the-spot. 

More verification and checks

There is more. You can enrich your e-KYC solution with digital signature & digital document locker integrations with ENSource. Add a credit bureau score check too. And just like that you have a very powerful solution running right under your thumb.

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Popular ENSource Features


Dynamic form builder for apps

My leads and my applications listing

Google home based lead capture

Chat-bot based lead capture

OTP Authentication

Geo-location tracking, tagging and fencing

Advanced image processing in the app

API integration with other services

Digitization for all sales & marketing channels


Traditional Channels

Field Sales

Agencies & Agents






Digital Channels


Social Media Channels

Third-party Websites

Web Ads

Consumer Apps


NewAge Digital Channels


Google Home & Amazon Alexa

Third-party Apps

Mobile Ads

Aggregator Sites & FinTechs

Ecommerce Sites

Bank-grade Application


Bio-metric & OTP based authentication

Easy to implement offline policy

for apps

3 layered security

Centralized access control

Applications tested for OWASP top 10

Security alerts and notifications


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