Superhero Collections Management System with modern FinTech Tools

The Best Digital Tech for Closing Bad Debts is Here

The world's best collector's app

In-built voice assistant is your new sidekick

Simplify your collection strategy implementation

The ultimate digital tool for collectors

The ultimate digital tool for collectors

ENCollect app is your anytime anywhere collection tool. Pull out payment and interaction history in the app when negotiating with delinquent customers. If they are ready to pay, you can give them multiple paying options - cash, cheque, online transfers, digital wallets or card swipe. You can shoot out payment links via SMS, e-mail or even WhatsApp from inside the app.

ENCollect keeps a digital track of the physical money. You can issue e-receipts to instantly register cash or cheque payments. Zero frauds & reduced auditing efforts.

Best of all, you can manage all your priority tasks, appointments, collections progress, account dispositions & incentives easily even when on the move. When going after the bad debts, ENCollect app is your best friend!

Digital collections & many payment options - All-in-One 

Digital ubiquity

There is no reason to miss out on a payment when a customer is ready to pay. With ENCollect you can enable multiple payment modes across all channels. You can send out custom payment links through SMS, email, WhatsApp, Facebook messenger, Skype & even through Chatbots - all managed from ENCollect. 

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E-receipts for cash & cheque payments: operational nirvana!

ENCollect app takes away the nightmare of managing receipt books & receipt slip inventory for once and for all.

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Automation for every stage of the debt collections life cycle 

Simplifying operations and delivery of real time information to your teams

ENCollect workflow automation takes away the grind of manual operations from all collections processes - account allocations, payments tracking, cash /cheque deposit process, communication, payment reconciliations, hardships initiation, legal management & repossession management.

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Managing agencies & enforcing compliance - everyone in your radar

When you subcontract collections work to agencies, keeping things in control is not easy. 

ENcollect makes contract management & compliance maintenance easy for your operations team. You can define and enforce empanelment rules for different types of agencies when onboarding them. Create digital contracts or manage digital copies of contract documents & collaterals in one place. 

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Allocations and re-allocations simplified

Are you struggling everyday with bulky excel sheets & back-n-forth emails for allocating accounts & tracking statuses ? ENCollect's digital allocations is here to save you a lot of hard work.

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Real time tracking, reporting & instant course correction

Getting overwhelmed with tons of email exchanges, excel updates & frantic phone calls to gather statuses? And the pile up of paper receipts for reconciliation? Get ENCollect. In ENCollect, statuses & account dispositions get updated in real time from apps and other interfaces. Reconciliation data is always available for import into core systems. Keep a daily track of payments.  Zero hassles & quick turn-around.  

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Popular ENCollect Features

Dynamic form builder for apps

Batch and rule-based allocations

Top ten accounts prioritization and tracking

API-based plugins for third party services


Geo-location tracking, tagging and fencing

Configurable collections workflows

Voice assistant

Bank-grade Application Security

Bio-metric & OTP based authentication

Easy to implement offline policy

for apps

3 layered security

Centralized access control

Applications tested for OWASP top 10

Security alerts and notifications


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