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Become world ready and

omni-channel digital

Be available wherever your customers are, in the language of their choice. Be it Facebook, Skype, Google Home, e-commerce websites, branches or malls.


Paper applications and paper receipts make your channel operations cumbersome, hard to scale and costly. Change this by digitizing traditional channels with Enterprise Tiger mobile apps. Bring in straight-through-processing for speedy back-office work too.


Be world ready, ubiquitous and fast. Be a Tiger!

Omni-channel cusomer onboarding


Slash on-boarding turn around time by 20X


Increase credit process throughput capacity by 5X


Slash operating cost of collections by 50% 


Enterprise Tiger mobile app for sales and collections

Unbroken digital experience for your customers and teams

Stories of trail-blazing successes 

Stories of 6 sales and collections business leaders, just like you, who are delivering great customer & employee experience with ENTiger™ digitization

Global Credit Card Provider 

is all set to use ENSource™ to sell credit cards faster and smarter in Saudi Arabia

"We are transferring our entire field process on ENSource. Series of workflows will fire one after the other from ENSource app to complete acquisition process. This is just the beginning of the automation that we have envisioned."

The Head of Cards Business is aspiring big after automating field sales and back-office processes with ENSource™


Credit Card customer in Saudi Arabia, Credit Card Onboarding

What is your success story going to be?

Enterprise Tiger apps, Enterprise Tiger e-commerce extensions, Enterprise Tiger parter logos, Enterprise Tiger Ecosystem

The Ecosystem

Enterprise Tiger™, a.k.a. ENTiger™, elegantly blends the best of ConsumerTech,  BigTech, FinTech & process automation in one software for banks, FIs & telecoms

Enterprise Tiger™ is All-in-One

In a single install of ENTiger™, your sales and collections process automation will be done. You will have access to over 30+ top-notch FinTech & Banking services as plugins. Your sales and collections teams will have the world’s best digital tools to work with. You will always be ahead of the curve, leveraging emerging digital tech from likes of Apple & Google, applied to your domain. Jeeez! Say good bye to Jurassic age technology! Get on the Tiger train!

Everything digital under one hood

30+ leading digital services and products plug in to ENTiger™. From your favorite credit rules engine to Google maps to popular wallets, industry’s best are integrating with us.

Win back the flair of selling through traditional channels using ENSource digital tools. Open new digital channels linked to your back office process with ease. Enable fast track processing for good borrowers. Filter out bad borrowers early on. Automate approval operations and do everything faster and better. Get rid of overwhelming overhead costs & efforts of manual on-boarding processes. Learn more.


Top Features:

-Sourcing mobile app

-Machine Learning Chatbots for lead capture

-Google Home based lead capture

-Digital e-KYC

New sales tools for SME loans

Lead capture from Google Home

Chatbot based loan application

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Customer on-boarding digitization & automation for banking, financial & telecom products

Win back the flair of traditional channel sales using ENSource digital tools. Open new digital channels coupled with background process automation with ease. Implement an omni-channel digital sales automation. Enable fast track processing for good borrowers. Filter out bad borrowers early on. Automate approval operations and do everything faster and better. Get rid of overwhelming manual efforts & overhead costs using ENSource. Learn more


Top Features:

  -Sourcing mobile app

  -Omni-channel lead capture

  -Credit approval automation

  -Digital e-KYC

Enterprise Tiger ENsource app and onboarding progress report

Sell More. Sell Better. Fast and Easy.


Productivity tools, communication tools and customer on-oarding services - all in one app.


Straight through processing for borrowers with good credit scores. Get instant approval in the app.


Automated workflow for credit approval process - credit score check, app score check, de-dupe, blacklist check & more. 


Easily configure loan application forms, quickly check credit worthiness and easily analyze the cash flow & expenses.


Deploy ENSource actions in Google Home to capture leads for your lending and credit card products. 


Deploy ENSource chatbots in your website & social media accounts to capture leads. Verify details with OTP authentication. 

The ENTiger™ Products


Superhero digital tech for debt collections. Collect anywhere anytime. Automate & simplify operations.

Mobile-first automation for collectors. Fetch payments in any mode. You will always have an upper-hand in negotiating & tracking payments. Get over the dread of managing collections operations using excel, emails and paper. Maintain tight control and compliance without any hassles. You cannot go wrong with this one! Learn more

Top Features:

  -Collector’s App

  -Omni-channel collections

  -Hardship tools

  -Voice assistant for collectors

Enterprise Tiger ENCollect app,  Collections summary status report

Collections Made Easy


Productivity tools, communication tools and collection services - all in one app.


Get payments through mobile wallets, online transfers & credit/debit cards. Publish across multiple channels.  


e-receipts for cash, check or draft payments. Track even the denominations received. Easy cash management.


Contracts with agencies and agents managed digitally. Complete visibility and control for operations.


Dispatch payment links through Whatsapp or SMS. Manage many small amount cash collections digitally.


Automate account allocations to the last collector on the field. Automated tracking of dispositions and statuses. 


More than 120+ business leaders in banking, finance & telecom industry are trusting Enterprise Tiger™ for result like these. You can too!

Enterprise tiger 30% cost reduction
50,000 active users on ENTiger
500,000 receipts cut using ENCollect
Processing Time reduced to 15 min
50% bad borrowers filtered at source
20 min processing for credit card

“In early 2017, we were evaluating to procure a debt collections management system that would meet our requirements of digitizing field collection & operations. We needed the best in grade technology solution with modern digital age features. We selected ENCollect. We have found it to be in perfect alignment to our business requirements. Today, ENCollect is used by 122 users across our 30 branches.”

— CEO of a leading transport finance company in India

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